We are Klasik Beans,

a cooperative initially founded to respond to forest repurposing.
We see coffee as the appropriate commodity to overcome the issue
which is intertwined with preserving Indonesia’s Forest.

Klasik Beans now known as a coffee cooperative is a response to
society’s growing desire to maintain the forest through
community-based coffee plantation.

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We are principled to do small things sincerely.

Change people’s mindset to collectively caring and protecting the forest that they previously damaged.

Supporting the economics of farmer’s family through the local farmer’s eco coffee plantation.

Strength local wisdom and identity through coffee-tourism that bridge the cross-background dialogue between tourist and local farmers.

Actively involved in advocacy efforts and education of conservation together with locals and tourist.

Reach a balanced point between people, planet and profit within the Community of Coffee Farmers.


Imas Suryati: Dari Mimpi Lalu ke Kopi

Mustika Yuliandri SUMMARY: Imas Suryati is a roaster from Bandung who is currently working for coffee conversation and school, Klasik Beans. Early on, she had a dream to travel the world, but didn’t expect that she will realize this through her career in coffee. She began working for Klasik Beans as an English teacher to…

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